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Hello, everyone!

I’m a Creative Director
based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


My Leadership Priorities

As a leader of designers, front-end developers and copywriters, I prioritize career development, work/life balance and innovation as the core to building strong people and teams.

Luke's leadership values

Career development is important for both an individual’s good, as well as the team’s. Whether an individual is on my team or not, I take the time to listen and coach them on finding ways to move their career forward. When an individual has opportunities to learn, grow and try new things everyone benefits.

Work/life balance is the willingness to provide an environment that values experiences over an unhealthy dedication to a singular focus. In other words, a creative person should have the opportunity to manage their own ability to recharge, learn and generally have fun for the sake of avoiding burnout.

Leading for innovation simply means that we should push ourselves, our craft and our work to continually improve. To use the perfect quote from Dr. Brené Brown: “There is no innovation or creativity without failure. Period.” I encourage creative people to test their assumptions, challenge the norms, and look for ways to improve life—whether it’s a design, an experience, a process, etc.—in a meaningful way.

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