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CFA Institute Media Icons

CFA Institute offers a wealth of information to its members. In order to distinguish one type of media from another, a set of icons was created to offer a distinction at a glance. All colors used were consistent with the brand colors of CFA Institute. The white stripe seen in each icon was also a nod to the bar motif used throughout the marketing materials elsewhere.

Media General Email Newsletter Icons

Media General owned 80+ news websites and each site had multiple email newsletter options. Email newsletter modules and icons were created to indicate to users what newsletter they were signing up for on any given page.

Media General email newsletter icons

DealTaker Icons

DealTaker, a coupons and deals website, wanted to highlight special offers during certain events and holidays throughout the year. The deals were being shown in a module on a number of websites and the holidays were being highlighted by an icon at the top. The icons, as well as the module design, were handed off to a separate team for development.

DealTaker icons

The iconography created over the years has been seen by millions of viewers across the globe. The icon sets seen here were all created from scratch.

ClientVariousYear2011 - 2014CategoryIllustration
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