Lunch Note Sketch

Lunch Note Sketch is an ongoing labor of love to combine fun and creativity through daily drawings. The mission is to provide smile-inducing sketches in hopes of sparking a child’s interest in the arts and to encourage creative thinking.

The original goal for Lunch Note Sketch was to create at least one note everyday for an entire leap year (366 days). It was a great accomplishment to exceed that goal, and the notes have not stopped since and will keep coming. The continuous sketching has also led Lunch Note Sketch to be featured on blogs, media outlets, and radio shows that include HuffPost Parents, the Post-it Brand blog, and DaddiLife.

As the creator and operator of Lunch Note Sketch, my responsibilities include small business operations, marketing, advertising, social media strategy, community building, illustration, photography, copywriting, product creation, eCommerce management, shipping and billing, and community outreach.