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The Challenge

Find a way to encourage creativity and kindness for my daughter after a tragedy.

The Outcome

Lunch Note Sketch, an award-winning illustration project followed by people from around the world.

My role on this project

As the creator of Lunch Note Sketch, my responsibilities have included small business operations, marketing, advertising, social media strategy, community building, illustration, photography, copywriting, product creation, eCommerce management, shipping and billing, and community outreach.

In 2014, my daughter entered preschool at the local elementary school. She immediately connected with her teacher who really encouraged her love of the arts and creativity. However, just a few months into the school year, her teacher died unexpectedly. As a result, I knew I had to do everything in my power to help her grieve and not let the situation change her love for doing creative things.

As she went back to school in her new normal, I wanted to reach her while she was at school. So, I started drawing her little notes that went into her lunch box. Being in preschool, I knew words wouldn’t necessarily resonate because she couldn’t read, so I would draw pictures to go with the words. My hope was that the picture would give her a reason to smile while also giving her an opportunity to show her new teacher in order to know what the note said.

After a few short months, I took the advice of peers and mentors in the illustration space and started sharing these notes on Instagram. What followed was an effort to create at least one note every day for a year. As the community of followers grew, what was supposed to end after a year ended up lasting 1,004 consecutive days before taking a day off.

As the illustrations gained popularity, products were created to meet the demand of parents and teachers who wanted to share these fun notes with their kids and students. I worked closely with various teachers and principals to facilitate the printing of notes to share with their classrooms so students would be greeted with messages of hope, kindness, creativity, and love.

Keep Shining Illustration and Notecards

During the course of creating so many notes, I had the pleasure of attending parenting conferences, earning awards, and interviewing with HuffPost Parents, the Post-it Brand, LEGO, and other media outlets. I also evangelized the value of spending 5 minutes a day to make a difference in someone’s life.

The effort continues to this day, with a focus on sending messages of kindness, love, and creativity to all three of my children.

Lunch Note Sketch is an ongoing, award-winning illustration project dedicated to spreading a message of kindness and creativity.

ClientLunch Note Sketch (Personal Project)Year2014 - presentCategoryIllustration
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