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Lunch Note Sketch is an ongoing labor of love to combine fun and creativity through daily drawings. The mission is to provide smile-inducing sketches in hopes of encouraging kindness.

The illustrations originally started in 2014 when I would draw on a sticky note and place it in my daughter’s lunchbox. The intent was to share a small reminder that she was loved and her creativity should be cherished after she experienced a tragedy as a kindergarten student. After a few months of these sketches and seeing the smiles it brought, I had the opportunity to attend the 99u Conference in New York City where I talked to new acquaintances about what I was doing. These newfound friends encouraged me to share the sketches online and come up with some sort of goal to see the idea and its message thrive.

So, after returning from the conference, I decided to challenge myself to make the sketches a daily ritual. At first, I had simply hoped to create one note every day for an entire year. When I reached my goal of 366 days in a row, however, the community of followers had grown significantly and I knew I couldn’t stop. I am quite proud that my first day off did not come until after I had sketched 1,004 days in a row.

Keep Shining Illustration and Notecards

Through the years of continuous sketching, Lunch Note Sketch has been seen and loved by people all over the world. I have had the opportunity to attend parenting conferences to spread the message that it only takes five minutes to make a difference in your child’s life. The project has been featured on blogs and media outlets that include HuffPost Parents, the Post-it® Brand blog, and DaddiLife.

My role on this project

As the creator of Lunch Note Sketch, my responsibilities have included small business operations, marketing, advertising, social media strategy, community building, illustration, photography, copywriting, product creation, eCommerce management, shipping and billing, and community outreach. While the project has certainly slowed down and sketches come more infrequently, the community continues to live on.

Lunch Note Sketch is an ongoing, award-winning illustration project dedicated to spreading a message of kindness and creativity.

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