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The 360 Assessment & The Value of Feedback

I spend a lot of my time speaking about the importance of career development, and have written insights into what you can do to move your career forward. So, how do you get a good assessment of where you stand and what you can work on to elevate yourself to...

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Transition to management: the fork in the road

Creative Career Development: Transition to Management

The final installment of my 3 part series on Creative Career Development focuses on the transition to people management. Choosing between producing what you love and leading people to produce can be a challenge, but it can also be extremely rewarding.

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Creative Career Development: Roles and Responsibilities

Career development involves looking to the future, as well as looking at your current situation. This article is part 2 of a 3 part series on career development in a creative field. It focuses on evaluating your current role and responsibilities, and asking yourself 3 questions to move forward.

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Aim high. Fly higher.

Creative Career Development: So, you want a promotion?

Whether you are a new graduate or a seasoned veteran in your field, career development is an important topic to keep top of mind. Development can take on many different forms, so the first article in this series will focus on promotions.

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Portfolio review image

Insight into Creative Interviews

I recently had the honor of being a reviewer at the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University’s Design Program portfolio review. This event was held on campus for a few hours one evening in February and I was in awe of the skill and curiosity of the students—from sophomores to grad students—who...

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Good news is coming

Response to Being Furloughed

With so many businesses effected by the pandemic, furloughs and layoffs are a necessary evil. I am one of the furloughed. But, there's reason to stay positive, so I wanted to share my thoughts.

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